10 Best Champions League Moments

Champions League nights will always hold a special place in the hearts of Liverpool fans, and it is really not hard to understand why.

Jordan Henderson famously shuffled his way to lift the Holy Grail last June – crowning the Reds the kings of Europe for the sixth time – putting to bed the disappointment they endured during the final in Kiev the season before.

Liverpool fans have witnessed some truly great moments in their European campaigns over the years, and we are here to attempt to rank the top 10.

Are there any other moments deserving a spot here?

10.  Lionel Messi vs the best player in the world

Ok, we are obviously kidding here. But Andy Robertson’s duel with Lionel Messi was definitely one of the many memorable moments in that semi-final clash, and the Scotsman clattering into the greatest player of all time will remain etched permanently in Anfield’s folklore.

Yes, it was not a behaviour that should be encouraged – even Robbo expressed his regret after the game – but it was a moment which reminded us how much were at stakes in a massive European tie, and the raw emotions that rode along with it.

9. That Fabio Aurelio’s improvisation

Remember this one? It was a goal that had it been scored by the likes of Messi or Steven Gerrard, it would still be discussed widely today – and that little bit of magic took place more than a decade ago.

Aurelio was a fantastic player whose career was unfortunately blighted by injuries, and the Brazilian had also scored possibly one of the most underrated goal in Liverpool’s history.

8. That double save against Shevchenko

There were plenty of heroes on that fateful night in Istanbul, and one of them is certainly the Polish shotstopper. Dudek’s (pretty awful) impersonation of Bruce Grobebelaar during the penalty shootout might be an iconic moment, but who can forget that ridiculous double save against one of Europe’s most prolific forwards that had been recognised as one of the greatest moments in the Champions League?

7. That last minute “winner”

Remember this moment? There is often an endless debate on how many points a goalkeeper can earn (or cost) a team during the course of the season. The common saying is that a good goalkeeper is worth 10 to 15 points in the league a season, which is pretty damn massive.

But when Alisson pulled off that miraculous injury-time save against Napoli, we think it is fair to say that the Brazilian is probably worth a whole lot more.

6. Angry Gini in a bottle

The Barcelona game will be talked about for years and years to come, and why the hell not? It had everything you wanted in a football game – goals, drama, an improbable comeback and a whole myriad of emotions. And Gini Wijnaldum was definitely not holding back in letting his emotions – mostly anger – known when he netted the goal to level the tie.

What a player, what a moment.

5. That Garcia’s “ghost goal”

Chelsea had grown to be one of Liverpool’s fiercest rivals during the 2000s, with every possible cup tie seemingly saw both teams pitting against each other.

So what better way to fan the flames and stoke further animosity? To score one of the most infamous goal in the history of the competition, of course.

Did it cross the line?

4. The start of something very special

The captain sparked the most improbable comeback in the history of any sporting final, with a masterful header that acted as the catalyst for another one of Liverpool’s extraordinary European nights.

3. “Oh you beauty, what a hit son! What a hit!”

And we would not have witnessed the previous moment if not for another piece of magic from the Liverpool legend. The Reds headed into their final group game in 2004 against Olympiakos, knowing that they would require a victory by two goals to advance to the knockout stages.

The scoreline was 2-1 and Liverpool needed a miracle in the final few minutes of the game, and up stepped the captain to smash home the third goal and seal qualification in the most dramatic fashion possible.

We know the rest of the story.

2. That open-top bus parade

Yes, this took place off the pitch – but we are still arguing that it will remain as one of Liverpool’s greatest Champions League moment.

The parade after the victory in Spain showed exactly how special the club is, drawing hundreds of thousand to catch a glimpse of their clearly weary but excited heroes. It was also incredibly refreshing to witness the team’s unique bond and camaraderie that Jurgen Klopp had painstakingly built after 4 year, as the bus cruised alongside a sea of red – who more than deserved that moment after years of patience.

1. That Trent Alexander-Arnold corner

Who would have ever thought that a corner kick will go down in the history of football? Trent Alexander-Arnold’s moment of sheer quality and Divock Origi’s underrated finish have become memes all over the world, as the Reds secured a 4-0 victory over Barcelona in the semi-final.

We do not really think that there are going to be more moments that can top this one, an unspeakable moment that is perhaps best summed up with one of the most iconic piece of commentary:

“Corner taken quickly... Origi!!!”


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