Why we shouldn’t be singing we won the league – just yet

Liverpool’s 2-0 victory was an important one. It was a win that was more than merely three points – three points that saw them stretch their lead to 16 points, all with a game in hand.

But rather it was more of the manner of the victory that was exceptionally impressive, dispatching their greatest rivals with a highly professional performance – sending a bold statement that the Reds are on a relentless mission to reclaim the f****** perch.

The victory got the fans singing “We’re gonna win the league”, the first time the chant can be really heard at such decibels around Anfield. Fans have every right to be skeptical, after all they have been put through some tremendously challenging moments in the past three decades – losing the league by a single point, Steven Gerrard’s unfortunate slip and Roy Hodgson’s dismal teams to name just a few.

But the performance in those 90 minutes seemed to have finally purged all the cynicism and skepticism, and the Kop now truly believes that their wait is finally over.

“It ain’t over until the fat lady sings” is a popular colloquialism in football, and are we perhaps counting our chickens before they are hatched?

Or does the current huge gap means that it is really over?

We look into possible reasons why we should just be a little patient, despite the current unassailable lead.

1. Teams choking at the death

The Premier League has seen its fair share of teams choking and have rivals performing seemingly improbable title comebacks. The Newcastle United side in the 95/96 comes to mind – Kevin Keegan’s men had a 12 point lead in January, but somehow crumbled and saw Manchester United lifting the title.

Not quite as improbable, but definitely more dramatic was the Sergio Agueroooooooo’s goal that saw Manchester City pipping the Red Devils in the last few seconds of the season. The Citizens were in fact sitting once eight points behind, with only nine games left to go.

Liverpool this season still has to travel to the Etihad Stadium in April, which could mean the lead can potentially be a little narrower than we imagine.

This Liverpool side does have a sense of ruthlessness about them this season, constantly putting teams to bed despite not having the best of games. But let’s also remember that the God of Football loves to reprise the role as the ruthless antagonist, and we don’t have to search too far back in our memory bank – losing to City by a single point last season is perhaps case in point.

Fingers crossed.

2. Injuries to key players

Liverpool has suffered from key injuries this season, a fact that most rival fans seem to convenient forget about.

Alisson Becker was out for a huge chunk during the start of the season, while fellow Brazilian Fabinho suffered from an ankle injury that kept him out of the busy festive period. Both are undoubtedly key figures in the squad, but sound management by Jurgen Klopp meant that they were not too dearly missed.

Joel Matip, Dejan Lovren, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keita are other first team players too that have spent their fair share of time in the treatment room, among many others.

However, it’s fair to say that these injuries aren’t quite on the same level - in terms of significance to the team - as perhaps Aymeric Larpote, Harry Kane, Wilfred Ndidi, Marcus Rashford and perhaps Paul Pogba.

Those are key players in their respective teams that are almost irreplaceable, leaving them with a giant hole in the team to fill.

We would think that Liverpool’s equivalent is none other than Virgil van Dijk, with his importance perhaps even more significant than our front three. We have been fortunate (kudos to the medical team, too) that the Dutchman has gone through the season fairly unscathed, and would love to have him bubble wrapped whenever he isn’t playing.

An injury could see our fantastic season potentially derailing; such is the monumental influence the imperious Dutchman has.

3. Our rivals are Manchester City

No one really expected Pep Guardiola’s side to have dropped as many points as they have, especially on the back of a truly remarkable season. The Citizens have put up some really uncharacteristic performances, dropping points against the likes of Wolves and Crystal Palace.

But if there was one team that can overcome the seemingly insurmountable lead, we would put our last dollar on this Manchester City team. They have a squad brimming with world-class talents, with the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Bernado Silva and Riyad Mahrez having to contend for a spot in the first eleven – all these while Manchester United has Andreas Pereira as their number 10.

Pep is no pushover too, a serial winner that is surely capable of steadying the ship and mount a real charge to close the gap.

4. We have waited for three decades, now what’s another six months?

In 1989, Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee proposed an information management system which later went on to become something called the Internet, a moment that might well be the most important in mankind’s history. Coming in a close second is surely when Liverpool won the top English league in that same year, under the management of none other than Sir Kenny Dalglish.

Liverpool fans have since been yearning for the Premier League title, a wait that has surely made us one of the most patient bunch in the world. Karma has a funny way around in football – we are not saying there is anything wrong to chant about the league – but surely, surely we can wait for another six more months (or potentially lesser) after a cruel wait that lasted 30 years too long?

So here they are – the four reasons why we should perhaps keep the title singing to a later date, focusing on a game at a time, a message that Klopp has been drilling into the heads of the players.

Image: Liverpool FC

PS: On second thoughts, we had initially wanted to list five reasons why we should not be singing, instead of four. But we couldn’t think of another valid reason, really.

Which brings us to give a long hard ponder about the situation: is there really a way we can bottle this?

It then hit us the answer is a resounding no – so bring out the poppers, confetti and streamers because it’s time we send a statement out to the footballing world and scream at the top of your lungs: “And now you’re gonna believe us, we’re gonna win the league!”