Most Graceful Players Ever in Premier League "Top Six"

The likes of Andrea Pirlo, Zinedine Zidane and Pablo Aimar often spring to mind when the word graceful or elegance is mentioned in football. They are all players who seem to be born with the ball already at their feet, often making the difficult things on the pitch look effortless.

It might be their first touch, the finesse in the way they dribble or the manner they strike a football – all these little qualities often make them stand out from their peers, and make us fall in love with the game over and over again.

Here’s a list of the most elegant and graceful players in the Premier League era’s top six clubs, and also our pick of the bunch.

Remember - it’s graceful players we are talking about here, and not solely based on their footballing abilities!


Arsene Wenger was the man hugely responsible for the way the game had evolved in the earlier days of the Premier League, introducing a beautiful style of play that revolutionised the way teams played.

You will hardly be surprised to find some household names here – the likes of Henry, Bergkamp and Pires were all closely associated to the unbelievable Invincibles team in 2004 led by the successful Frenchman.

Diaby will always remain one of the Premier League’s biggest enigmas – an injury-plagued career leaving Arsenal fans still wondering what the talented Frenchman could have achieved. Hleb was one of those players that always looked so good with the ball – elegantly gliding past players with his skills and pace despite the Bulgarian’s horrific finishing.

On his day, the two-footed Carzola was easily one of the best players in the league, while Ozil – despite all his criticism – exudes the kind of elegance on a pitch that make fans actually pay to watch the beautiful game.

Pick of the bunch: Mesut Ozil

Honourable mentions: Cesc Fabregas


When you think of the true Chelsea greats, players like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba instantly spring to mind. They are not exactly the type you would describe as flair players, but the Blues did have a pretty impressive list of great footballers who fit that bill.

Zola was probably the best technical player to have played for the Blues – or even in the Premier Leauge – with his dancing feet and stunning goals a common spectacle. Gudjohnsen was the best ever player for Iceland, while the flying Dutchman Robben developed his signature “cutting-in from the left” move at Chelsea and went on to achieve some incredible things in his career.

Cole was once one of England’s brightest talents, who perhaps was unfortunately born in the wrong era – where bravery and directness were perhaps more highly regarded traits.

Hazard, well, was at most times simply too good for his team and the Belgian had carried his teammates on numerous occasions, making him

one of Chelsea’s all-time greatest players.

Pick of the bunch: Eidur Gudjohnsen… or Gianfranco Zola

Honourable mentions: Deco

Manchester United

Regardless of what you say, we think it is pretty incredible to have a movie based off how you kick a football, so Beckham is a no-brainer here.

Giggs, another from the famed class of ’92, remains one of the best wingers to have played for the Premier League, while despite Veron’s unsuccessful stint in England, the Argentine had all the flair of a typical South American player.

Cantona is now – surprise, surprise – an actor, producer and director, and is that even unexpected when the Frenchman had displayed that sort of creativity on the pitch all throughout his career?

The Bulgarian forward Berbatov was the genius on the pitch who looked like he did not even care, and fast forward to present day, United fans are salivating at the prospect of a Fernandes and Pogba midfield axis.

Pick of the bunch: Dimitar Berbatov

Honourable mentions: Anthony Martial, who almost has that nonchalant attitude of Berbatov


Barnes was one of the most beautiful sights in football when the Englishman was on the top of his game – combining elegance and power to devastating effect.

Shifting our attention to Spain, the duo of Garcia and Alonso has obviously the stunning good looks to kill for, but are both equally capable of producing moments of magic on the pitch. Who can forget the way Alonso strikes a ball?

Agger and van Dijk are both classy, unconventional centre-backs of their times – and one can only wonder how formidable the Dane and Dutch partnership will turn out to be.

Lallana’s elegant Cryuff turns and close control make him one of the most gifted English players despite all his injuries, while Coutinho was the little magician whom the team turned to when the chips were down. His countryman Firmino is the glue in the current Liverpool team with the magical Samba touch, well capable of some truly magnificent brilliance. Remember his assist for Mo Salah against Newcastle?

Pick of the bunch: Xabi Alonso

Honourable mentions: Suso

Manchester City

It is not exactly surprising that most of the talented Manchester City players featured in the later parts of the Premier League. Toure was the midfield powerhouse with silky skills – almost the perfect hybrid of Patrick Viera and David Silva – and arguably one of the best midfielders to have played in the Premier League. The diminutive Silva – the Portuguese one – and Mahrez are two of the most technically gifted players at Pep Guardiola’s disposal, while the significance of the classy Laporte’s absence at the back is plain for all to see this season.

The young Foden is clearly one tremendously brilliant prospect who looks ready to burst onto the biggest stage, and when you are touted as the next David Silva – who would not be excited?

Pick of the bunch: Yaya Toure

Honourable mentions: Kevin de Bruyne... remember it’s not based on footballing ability!

Tottenham Hotspur

The well-spoken Ginola was the French entertainer on the football pitch, known for his flamboyant playing style that was almost non-existent in England in the 90s.

King was one of those centre-backs in the mould of van Dijk and Laporte, who was clearly head and shoulders above his peers when he was fully fit – despite that unfortunately not being the norm. Modric was the Croatian maestro who eventually became too good for the club, while his partner-in-crime in the midfield was the artistic Dutchman van der Vaart.

Dembele’s YouTube highlight reel will probably scream of a dire lack of goals and assists, but the talented Belgium had that guile and elegance which made him one of the most important players under Mauricio Pochettino. Eriksen was the most recent creative force in the Spurs midfield, with his goals and assists making the Dane easily one of the best players to have played for the club.

Pick of the bunch: David Ginola

Honourable mentions: Dele All

Do you agree or disagree with the players? And who’s takes the crown of the most graceful player in the Premier League?


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