Lovren vs Salah might be the only table tennis match we will ever watch

To mark the start of Chinese New Year, the guys from Liverpool brought together Mo Salah and Dejan Lovren to face off in a table tennis challenge at Melwood. To be fair, the team behind these videos have been doing a solid job with some quality videos so far – and here’s what we learnt from the latest clip.

1. Football is still the best sport in the world

The video lasted approximately 11 minutes, but it’s fair to say that we wished that a lot of the table tennis action was replaced by Lovren bantering Salah instead. Perhaps our lack of knowledge in the sport made it a less exciting affair, but watching 22 men chase a ball over 90 minutes sure as hell sounds more appealing.

2. Salah replicates his playing style on the pitch to the table

The Egypt King is an unpredictable player; capable of conjuring pure magic on the pitch and at the same time be equally frustrating for both teammates and fans. That form was replicated on the table tennis table, as Salah came up with an unorthodox backhand swing that had Lovren complaining. Don’t ever change, Salah.

3. The Bezzies are pretty impressive players

We might not know the intricacies of the sport, but the pair sure looked like they knew what they were doing. And that was what probably mattered. Some of the rallies they had resembled those that we witnessed in Olympic matches, minus the mandatory grunts, you know the ones the players make after every single stroke that we are not sure if it’s actually made compulsory in the rules.

Lovren might be Melwood’s table tennis champions, but the relationship the Croat and Egyptian shares is what we all really care about and probably none of us deserve.

Keep going boys.