5 high profile errors by Liverpool goalkeepers (Go easy on Adrian!)

The manner of Liverpool’s Champions League exit still remains a tough pill to swallow for most Reds fans, especially with news of the ongoing uncertainty of the Premier League now swirling around England.

Will the league be suspended and potentially see Liverpool’s three-decade-long-wait for a domestic league title stretch for another year?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – Adrian must have endured sleepless nights since the second leg at Anfield. The Spaniard’s costly mistake played a big part in the elimination, with his poor clearance and even poorer reaction resulting in Atletico Madrid’s crucial first goal.

It was a painful watch for Reds fans – where certain flashbacks of a German in the same competition, against another Madrid side must have surfaced.

But let’s try to be a little sympathetic here and put ourselves in their shoes: making a mistake as a goalkeeper has to be one of the most painful experiences a player has to go through in football.

And perhaps that is something we should keep it mind before slating Adrian off, who has actually been superb – by the standards of a reserve goalkeeper – since his arrival.

There is almost little to absolutely no chance of making real amends after a mistake for a goalkeeper when you are confined to your own penalty box during the match, while a forward who misses a sitter can still well be the hero by full-time. You can hear the thousands of fans turn on you after a howler, as you stand there helplessly on the penalty spot while the jeers and groans slowly ebb away at your confidence.

It is a lonely position to be in, and you probably start wishing you were an outfield player instead.

Football is a cruel sport, where for years, the number 1s are more often made scapegoats than heroes. Mistakes in the game are inevitable, but goalkeeping mistakes are just exacerbated a million times more. It is almost a position where the best goalkeepers are defined by the ones who made the least mistakes, and not by their shot-stopping abilities.

So it is little wonder why it is not the dream of most budding footballers to grow up and be between the sticks, or why fans do not often sport the number one jerseys on their backs.

And perhaps that is why goalkeepers are often known to be little different – eccentric maybe – and of a different breed. But it is obvious that even the best goalkeepers fall flat on their faces at times, and here we take a look at five high profile errors by Liverpool goalkeepers that prove they are still humans after all.

5. Simon Mignolet vs Arsenal

Simon Mignolet spilling a shot against Arsenal
Image Source: The Times

The Belgium international was a decent goalkeeper during his time at Liverpool, where he enjoyed a fair share of highs and lows at Anfield.

And one of the moments he would not want to remember was during a 3-3 draw against Arsenal, where he dropped an absolute clanger after a long-range shot by Granit Xhaka. It was a shot that came from a long way out that flew straight at the Belgian.

While there might have been a swerve on it, it was no excuse for the way Mignolet flapped at it. It proved to be a crucial goal he conceded, as it only served to confirm that his days at Anfield were numbered after that latest howler.

4. Daniele Padelli vs Charlton Athletic

Daniel Padelli sitting on the pitch
Image Source: Liverpool Echo

We will forgive you if you do not even remember Padelli, the Italian goalkeeper who made only one first team appearance. And it is not hard to see why, if his only chance to impress ended up as such. Nightmare.

3. Pepe Reina vs Everton

Pepe Reina fumbles and catches Andy Johnson
Image Source: Daily Mail

One of the best goalkeepers Liverpool had, it is remarkable to think that one of the biggest gaffes he had was against derby rivals Everton.

The current Aston Villa man somehow fumbled in the dying minutes of the Merseyside derby, almost catching hold of Andy Johnson’s head instead of the ball.

The match ended 3-0 to Everton and most goalkeepers would have been shown the exit door, but the Spaniard recovered from that incident and the rest was history.

2. Jerzy Dudek vs Manchester United

The ball squirming through Dudek legs against Manchester United
Image Source: Telegraph

Dudek found himself on the wrong end of a horror show in the 2002/2003 season, after a nightmare performance saw Diego Forlan grabbed a brace to sink the Reds 2-1.

It was a day to forget for the Polish international, who must have worn gloves the wrong size.

Mistakes were clearly made in a high profile match, but guess who went on and become one of the heroes in Istanbul?

1. Loris Karius vs Real Madrid

Loris Karius sobbing after the Champions League final against Real Madrid
Image Source: Sports Joe

This one probably hurts the most, with it being the most recent and arguably on the biggest stage in club football. It is almost the case of the less said the better, with the German spotting a Mickey Mouse’s glove tattoo (probably what he wore during the final too) driving a knife straight through the Liverpool fans’ heart that night.

But it is worth noting that Karius clearly deserved some sympathy after the game – to see a grown man cry in that manner – and the heartache only lasted for a year, as a certain Alisson Becker arrived and Klopp’s men went on to lift the European trophy for the sixth time.

So before we start throwing Adrian under the bus, let’s all take a moment to reflect on this list and realise that even the greatest goalkeepers have had their bad days, while there might be a silver lining hidden somewhere when the not-so-great ones fall.


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